Unique French romanticism

The France famous high-end brand Flordeer has created a unique fashion empire,
came to represent a French romanticism. Flordeer’s products penetrate into the children dress
trend in every field by its distinctive design style.Unique beauty, strong pioneer art make it popular around the world.
One of the most attractive style is the performance of the Rococo period has created gorgeous beauty of clothing styles.
They are a powerful and unconstrained style, and playful, both the Impressionist paintings like charm,
operatic ultra smooth realistic luxuriant, and can fully consider the effect of self-cultivation wearing comfort.


Elegant French brand (Flordeer) was found in 1986,
inspired by the tweed, pearls, gems decorative
French high society clothing elements,

is the flagship of the French style.
Flordeer stay French romantic elements consistent,
continuous and other elements of style fusion,
both Baroque rigorous tailoring, Mediterranean Blue attune,
or Morocco sweet rose field, become the inspiration elements of Flordeer creation.
The style is full of modern, and continues
the inheritance of brand history and the children garments of
French classical style,
and shows the simplicity of European style.

Perfect Balance

A perfect balance

Flordeer collects elegant style of luxury and beauty,
in the pursuit of external rich vision at the same time.
Flordeer focus on how to achieve a perfect balance between the moment for internal style
version of the clothing itself.Flordeer has been in the pursuit of better.
Also take full account of comfortable wearing and proper display of the body,
in considering the needs of different children,
but also always adhere to their own style.

Edition & fabric

The version and the fabric

The Flordeer is good at using high quality but also has real wear fabrics,
by using three-dimensional cutting live skilled way of bias cut.
The clever transition in the soft and hard geometry line between the body curve,
the fabric and the version of the perfect fusion into a new individual.
Flordeer works with the version and the fabric as a symbol,
harmonious expression of the child's body,
compared to other brands and improve a level.