Elegant elements of the upper European Society

Elegant French brand Flordeer inspired by the tweed, pearls, gems decorative French high society clothing elements, is the flagship of the French style. Flordeer stay French romantic elements consistent, continuous and other elements of style fusion, both Baroque rigorous tailoring, Mediterranean Blue attune, or Morocco sweet rose field, become the inspiration elements of Flordeer creation. The style is full of modern, and continues the inheritance of brand history and the children garments of French classical style, and shows the simplicity of European style.




MORIN DE Flordeer was born in 1963 in Spiez, France. Heshowed a lot of potnetial in art and music since childhood. With excellent grades, he got an offer from Saint Martin - which is one of the best World Academy of fashion design school.After garduation, he took the first step toward fashion kingdom by entered the DIOR, responsible for the design of women's clothing.During 9 years of work in DIOR, he has been responsible for women's clothing and women's children's design director's work. In 1984, when he left DIOR, he founded the Flordeer brand and began his own fairy tale kingdom.



JOHN Ashok

JOHN Ashok is the current director of Flordeer design, a famous designer of children's clothing from Italy. His design has created the beauty of the noble, elegant and Renaissance. They are famous for their creative inspiration from the eternal city of Rome, and their recent creations extend to the re creation of African culture and dance culture. JOHN Ashok has been worked 10 years in YSL.



DEJAN Michele

DEJAN Michele has been worked at NEXT for a long time, he has been responsible for women's clothing and women's children's design. DEJAN Michele kept a low profile and rarely show up in public, but we can know his personal style through his creativity.